Lobangs of July 30, 2015

Fly Or Die: MC Squares You might assume that, when it comes to a standard whiteboard, there isn’t much room for disruption. But you’d be mistaken. The folks behind MC Squares have developed a new kind of whiteboard that lets you snap small portions of it on and off of the wall-mounted … Continue reading

Lobangs of July 29, 2015

Google Straps Aclima Sensors To Street View Cars To Map Air Pollution  If a city knows what intersections are full of smog, it could add trees or change stop light schedules to improve the air its citizens breathe. Google Earth’s Outreach program that equips non-profits and … Continue reading

Lobangs of July 28, 2015

Today’s Kids Have No Idea How The First iPod Worked  It’s easy to forget that technology changes quickly when you follow this industry. When the first iPod was released in 2001, it was a much different world. Components weren’t powerful enough to create smartphones and tablets. … Continue reading

Lobangs of July 27, 2015

Best Buy Will Begin Selling The Apple Watch From August 7  Apple is preparing to expand the sales effort behind the Apple Watch after it was announced that Best Buy will begin selling it in its U.S. stores from August 7, making it the first independent retailer to stock the wearable device. … Continue reading

Lobangs of July 25, 2015

Does Ringly Have A Place In An Apple Watch World?  The first thing I thought when I opened my Ringly box was that it smelled. Bad. Like electronics that had caught on fire and were then put out in some sort of chemical bath. But the company told me that the ring I received (an early review … Continue reading