Use this foodpanda promo code to enjoy up to $20 off!

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Here’s a foodpanda promo code for you

From 19 June 2019, enjoy 50% off (min. spend $10, capped at $20) when you use this promo code on foodpanda.

To enjoy the discount, simply enter the promo code: HALFOFF when you check out.

Use the promo code up to 3 times, while stocks last.

Valid for new and existing users.

Here’s what your cart will look like:

$49.81 – $20 = $29.81

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You can now have “Milo Dinosaur” at Burger King with the new BK Malty Float

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Grab your delicious Starbuys at BURGER KING®

The time is deliciously ripe for another tempting season of Starbuys at BURGER KING®which features three brand-new treats, including a host of other delightful favourites from 18 June 2019!

Introducing the perfectly enticing snack for all cheese fans is the Chilli Cheese Bites – made up of decadent nuggets of pure cheesy goodness with appetite-inducing bits of spicy hot Jalapeno and green bell pepper on the inside. The Chilli Cheese Bites are then deep fried with a wonderful golden brown batter on the outside for a succulent treat to the palate.

Number two and new on the Starbuys tasty list of the Malty Float to cool down with during the warm season of the year. The cool treat takes a cue from the classic float with an inviting dollop of vanilla soft serve to complement the rich and malty cool drink. On a while-stocks last-basis, each Malty Float comes with a complimentary sachet of MILO® 3in1 Activ-Go where customers can choose to jazz up the Malty Float into the local favourite “Dinosaur”, or they bring the sachet home for them to enjoy a cup of nice warm Milo®.

Fancy an old school coffee (kopi) in a pie treat? Take a bite into the brand new and locally-inspired Kopi Siew Dai Pie. This awesome treat will bring one back to the good old flavour of the Nanyang coffee brew with its satisfying filling and a crunchy pie crust.

Number four on the list of Starbuys is the succulent nine-piece BK Nuggets – a real treat to all chicken lovers out there, especially when dipped in the BBQ or the curry sauces. Accompanying the BK Nuggets treat is everyone’s favourite – the Cheesy Fries, famous for its golden-brown classic French fries which are drizzled with Nacho cheese.

For another bite into the world of pies galore, pick the Taro Pie for a satisfying taro chunks enveloped within a crispy pie skin, and wash it all down with the Coke Float or the Fanta Grape Float.

The Starbuys are available at all BURGER KING® restaurants island-wide from 18 June 2019.

  • (New) Chilli Cheese Bites – SGD$3.50
  • (New) Malty Float – SGD$3.20 (medium)
  • (New) Kopi Siew Dai Pie – SGD$1.20
  • BK Nuggets – SGD$3.00 (nine pieces)
  • Cheesy Fries – SGD$2.50 (regular)
  • Taro Pie – SGD$1.00
  • Coke Float – SGD$2.00  (medium)
  • Fanta Grape Float – SGD$2.00 (medium)

For more information on BURGER KING® and its current promotions, please visit

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Don’t Say Bojio: Pizza Hut’s Hidden Deal With $5(Personal)/$10(Regular)/$15(Large) Pizzas

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Singaporeans. Love. Pizza.

Not sure what to get for a lunch gathering? Pizza’s the one to go for because everyone takes it (unless they’re lactose-intolerant, that is).

And when it comes to pizzas in Singapore, everyone can agree that Pizza Hut is one of the few that’s on top of the pizza game.

Image: kunanon / (Image for illustration purposes only)

But there’s just a teensy, weensy problem.

They can be pretty pricey too. Especially when compared to the usual $5 hawker fare and what not.

But what if I tell you that pizza doesn’t have to be expensive?

Pizza Hut’s Hidden Deal

Okay, just a disclaimer first: The headline isn’t clickbait. There’s a reason why we said the deal is “hidden”.

That’s because it’s been around for a long time (think 2 years long).

So long that people might’ve forgotten about it.

And it’s the best deal Pizza Hut has come up with so far.

Image: Pizza Hut

I mean, look at the prices:

  • Personal: $5
  • Regular: $10
  • Large: $15

That’s possibly even cheaper than Pezzo.

Image: Giphy

But There’s A Catch

You got to do some leg work. As the name clearly says: it’s a takeaway deal. That means you have to make your way to the nearest Pizza Hut outlet and carry your pizza home yourself.

But, hey, if you’re travelling home from work, stay near Pizza Hut or just want to save on some moolah without forgoing good food…why not, right?

Enjoy Different Flavours

So with such a good deal, what’s the catch? Is it that you can only enjoy Hawaiian and Seafood pizza for this deal?


They have a wide variety of flavours for you to choose from.

Favourite flavours are going at $5/10/15

Image: Pizza Hut

You got to add $0.50 to enjoy the classic flavours.

Image: Pizza Hut

Add $1 to enjoy the specialty flavours.

Image: Pizza Hut

But, sadly, new flavours are not part of the deal.

Image: Pizza Hut

But hey, all things considered? $6 pizzas are still cheap, no?

So What Are You Waiting For?

Next time you have a lunch gathering, don’t call them in. Instead, pick a few people to go with you to Pizza Hut and enjoy their takeaway deal.

That or order online here before going down to collect.

You’re welcome!

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