How To Deal With Finances As A Married Couple



Getting married marks a significant chapter in one’s life. This new chapter comes with overwhelming changes and unique transitions that go beyond your personal boundaries. You are now planning a life that is beyond taking care of yourself. This huge responsibility comes with financial trials.

Start with being transparent with your partner when it comes to your finances and spending habits. Awareness is the first step. After all, you are responsible of your partner’s well being too. It is your duty to remind each other about making conscious efforts when it comes to money. Many of our spending habits are influenced by marketing traps and mental biases. These hinder us from thinking straight. You are stronger as a team. Keep that in mind.

Let me give you an example of the common traps or biases that both of you can encounter. Firstly, you the status quo bias may consume you. This bias occurs when you are more likely to prefer the product that you know more despite having better options available in the market. For instance, you may prefer an Apple iPhone over a Samsung Galaxy phone due to your familiarity with the iOS software. You simply want to maintain the routine that you have started.

Similar to status quo bias is the familiarity bias. This happens when you favor products or services that you are exposed more of. Start-ups and smaller companies are not able to afford hefty advertising, thus you may skip on the products or services that they offer. When this happens, it is best to help each other out. Purchase appliances or home decorations together. Do you want to purchase a Samsung Inverter or a Kolin Inverter? Be mindful when you are buying an air-conditioned or other items. Do it for reasons that will both benefit you and your spouse.

Lastly, you may fall for the post-purchase rationalization. This is something that most of us experience. Many of us are stubborn to admit that we made a mistake. We would rather settle for what we purchased. We make excuses to convince ourselves that we made the right decision. Please, ask your partner’s opinion. If the quality of the product does not suit your standards, consider returning it within the company’s terms. Retailers often offer 7 to 30 days return policy. Ask for it!

Do not put yourself into harms way. Accomplish big financial decisions as a team and discuss your spending habits with your partner. You are in this ride together!


As you build a relationship on mutual trust and honesty, it is normal to gravitate towards having a joint account. Trusting your partner with significant decisions, such as choosing your own home, can pave the way for having deeper understanding to each other’s finances. Some couples experience difficulties when it comes to spending habits and financial priorities. This is why some opt to have a joint account, while others do not.

Finding a mutual ground begins with having the same financial goals. Your goals can vary from paying off your household bills or going to an expensive honeymoon. Set up a joint account for financial goals that you both want to accomplish. You may put your household fund here too.

Then, have concrete rules such as how much each of you will contribute each month and where each portion of your funds will go. Consider having individual bank accounts too. These individual accounts will enable you to treat yourselves or your partner without affecting the household fund. To keep things transparent, you may communicate about your spending habits bi-weekly or every month. Stay on track when it comes to each other’s expenses and goals. Help each other out!

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You may also discuss if you can make cutbacks or if switching banks are necessary. To put it in simpler terms, you are merging two companies when you have a joint account. Everyone has an equal say and contribution to this shared account. So, respect each other’s views and practice compromise to minimize potential disputes.

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Starbucks S’pore selling Giant Starbucks Bearista® Plush at S$169 from 26 Oct 20.


Get your hands on this supersized Bearista

If you are a big fan of Starbucks, you’d want to hear this.

A supersized Giant Starbucks Bearista® Plush will be on sale for S$169 from 26 October, 10am.

It will be available online for Starbucks Gold members and each member will be limited to 2 pieces.

This is perfect plush that you’d want to bring home to cuddle.

Here’s a peak on how it looks like:

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PUTIEN giving away free bottle of their chilli sauce (worth $7.40) for each diner from now till 31 Oct 20


Celebrate PUTIEN’s 20th anniversary 

PUTIEN Restaurant is celebrating their 20th anniversary and will be giving away free bottles of their special recipe chilli sauce worth $7.40 for each diner from now till 31 October 2020.

Yes, you read it right. If you dine in a group of 5, PUTIEN will give away 5 bottles of their in-house Spice Mum Chilli Sauce when you settle your bill at the cashier.

PUTIEN is known for serving Michelin-star food and Fujian cuisines. Their chilli sauce is also very addictive and goes well with any food.

That is a very nice gesture of them.

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Low-Maintenance Cat Breeds To Bring Home


Cats are wonderful companions, especially as pets kept indoors. They are generally low-maintenance and are not difficult to provide care for. There are many breeds of cats that go beyond the black or white cat you see in the television. In fact, the International Cat Association (TICA) officially recognizes 71 breeds as of 2018. That is a lot!

If you are keen to own a cat, you may choose from these adorable low-maintenance cat breeds.


What makes the Scottish Fold unique is its ears that fold forward and lie close to the head. This cat is a lovely addition to any home due to its adaptable personality and its short stature. They are unlikely to attempt any grand leaps or obstacle courses. It can get along with other cats, dogs, and children. Their thick coat is surprisingly easy to maintain as it requires brushing once or twice a week.

Global singing sensation Taylor Swift is a proud owner of Scottish Folds. Her Scottish Folds Meredith and Olivia were both named after fictional television characters.


The Sphynx is a hairless cat breed, which is often the first choice of cat owners with allergens. The Sphynx’s fur feels more like fine hair or peach fuzz. Not only will its owner get less allergy attacks, but it will not need to groom its fur regularly.

This is an independent cat that is happy to amuse itself while you are busy indoors or outside with your friends. You may invest in a cat tower as the Sphynx enjoy jumping around.


Known for its easygoing temperament and undemanding personality, the British Shorthair is popular amongst many cat lovers. It is affectionate, but not needy. It is the perfect companion for people who are looking for cats that stay away from trouble while they are not home. This cat’s short and dense coat is easy to maintain. A good weekly combing should be sufficient to remove the debris and to distribute the skin oils for a healthy coat.


The Maine Coon originally descended from ship’s cats. It is the largest domesticated cat breed. It is known for its chill, almost dog-like personality. They love the outdoors and can even be walked on a leash. Despite its long coats and large stature, it only requires minimal grooming. This is because its fur is silkier. You just need to comb it once a week and you are good to go!

Although it enjoys human interactions, it can easily entertain itself and is not considered as clingy. Let it freely play on its own.

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Always remember that although these cat breeds are seemingly simple to take care of, you are still responsible for your cats. Love and treat them properly.

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