January 2018

Don’t Say Bojio: $2 Milk Tea with Pearls in LiHO

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You know how motivational speakers will encourage us to stop and reflect every once in a while?

It supposedly helps us to do better…hmm…

Okay, let’s see how well we’ve fared.

Time check : 31st Jan 2018, Wednesday

Reality check: survived January and made it to pay day

Now that’s a beautiful record right there.

That’s right people, we’ve made it till the end of January aka ‘trial month’.

It’s finally time to start 2018 right and proper!

That being said…how about treating yourself before that?

Something cheap and delicious?

Image: LiHo Facebook Page

For those of you guys who couldn’t have survived January without LiHo, here’s a chance to prove your ‘loyalty’.

Just prove that you’re their fan and you can get their Milk Tea with Pearls at just $2!

How to redeem:
1. Be our fan on either Facebook or Instagram (@lihosg)
2. Flash to show to our cashier that you are their follower 
3. Enjoy your Milk Tea with Pearls!

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Springing a surprise for everyone! Enjoy our Milk Tea with Pearls (M) at just $2 when you like and follow our Facebook…

Posted by LiHO Singapore on Friday, 26 January 2018

This offer will be available at all outlets till 31st March 2018.

Two whole months of Milk Tea with Pearls at $2?

You bet I’m on!

Since you’re here, why not watch a video about a guy who lodged a Police report here in Singapore because he was friendzoned? Seriously. Here, watch it and do remember to share it (and also subscribe to Goody Feed YouTube channel)!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=videoseries?list=PLoa9nNa48ZVUkvqnxQ38RIx7WqOzPh2QV&w=696&h=392]

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Featured image: LiHo Facebook Page

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M’sian ‘Wang Lee Hom’ with BMW for Rent as Boyfriend During CNY & It’s Very Affordable

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Remember this guy?

Image: 江昭上Facebook Page

If you don’t, don’t worry; I don’t too.

That despite me previously penning not one, not two, but three separate articles on him.

And I’m not even a particularly forgetful person, you know. Speaks volumes, don’t cha think-

Wait, how many articles did I write about him again?

Guess what?

It seems he’s back, and in full force, no less.

But before I continue, I feel compelled to introduce this mysterious character to you guys, just so you know what I’m rambling on about.

Image: 江昭上Facebook Page

江昭上, as he’s known, had previously shot to “stardom” for filming a video of himself looking for a wife. In the short clip, he pleaded for viewers to introduce him to a “nice wife”, and said that he would offer her a monthly allowance of RM500 and a Vios in return.

Real generous guy, isn’t he? No wonder he was lauded as such.

Nevertheless, things never once got boring after that, and he continued posting updated offers, clips of his new car and other really “comedic” stuff on his Facebook page.

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Still looking for wife

Posted by 江昭上 on Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Which leads to his latest, arguably most anticipated post so far.

Boyfriend services.

In the video, the charismatic gentleman offered to be a CNY boyfriend, and he was even gracious enough to accept rental rates at just “one small red packet” per visit.

Thereafter, he humbly expressed how he wasn’t bad in terms of qualifications. For one, he’s 180cm tall, and has a degree. For two, he isn’t “that fat” at just 79kg and his face kinda looks like Wang Lee Hom.

Image: Celeb Financial Wealth / 江昭上Facebook Page

If I didn’t know better I would have thought they were twins! Stunned like vegetable!

Later on, the Wang Lee Hom lookalike clarified that should he be needed to spend the night, he would have to ask for two red packets instead.

Well, I guess he’s going to roll in the evens; that’s for sure!

As a last point, he mentioned how he would be an ideal solution to all the annoying relationship questions your relatives might/will ask.

You can watch the full video here.

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Boyfriend for Rental during CNY. 过年你不用担心没男朋友。

Posted by 江昭上 on Sunday, 28 January 2018


Naturally, Netizens received the news pretty… warmly.

Image: 江昭上Facebook Page

Loose translation:

“I will get a worse headache if I bring you back”

“I’m worried that my dog will be bored when I return to my hometown. Can you accompany her? You’re quite a suitable suitor for her.”

Image: 江昭上Facebook Page

“I suspect he’s unaware of Wang Lee Hom’s real look. If someone brings him home, the person’s parents will disapprove”

“You look like Wang Lee Hom?”

“You’re so “red”! If I bring you back, everyone will know that you’re a scam!”

“Even your hairs don’t resemble Wang Lee Hom’s”

So what are you waiting for?

You know what they say: “Strike while the iron’s hot.” So book him now before the reservations pile up! Like DTF (Din Tai Fung), they are really in demand!

Don’t say bo jio ah!

Note: I’m pretty sure he&#8217… Read More

New Moon Official E-Store: Bundle deal for 6 cans of New Zealand Abalone 425g with free delivery! Valid from 31 Jan 2018

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This is a limited time deal with free shipping at New Moon’s official e-store. Grab six cans of New Moon Abalone New Zealand 425g with free WMF Mini 14cm Saucepan (without lid) worth $79 and free delivery while stocks last….read more @SINGPROMOS.COM… Read More

Kam’s Roast introduces the Kam’s Roast Golden Duck, the first-of-its-kind in Singapore

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Kam’s Roast is proud to introduce Kam’s Roast Golden Duck (贺年金鸭) – the-first-of-its-kind dish in Singapore!

The duck is prepared with Kam’s Roast’s secret marinade, roasted to perfection, and then flecked with the golden flakes for an aesthetically pleasing sparkle.

This auspicious dish is a symbol of abundance, wealth and luck and makes a perfect gift for corporate partners and loved ones.

Kam’s Roast Chinese New Year Takeaway Menu is also Open for Pre-Order Now! Collection can be made on the eve of Chinese New Year or from the 2nd to the 15th Day (17 Feb to 2 Mar 2018) of the Lunar New Year calendar. Usher in the Year of the Dog with our new takeaway set of Kam’s Roast Prosperity Trio at a special takeaway package price at $108! (Usual ala carte price: $123.60) This showcases Kam’s Roast whole signature roast duck, and regular portions of exquisite Iberico Char Siu and super crispy Roast Pork.

Pre-orders can be made online at Chope: https://cho.pe/kamstakeaway or in person at the restaurant.

Kam’s Roast Singapore is offering the same quality and recipe of roast meats as Kam’s Roast Goose, the flagship outlet in Hong Kong which was awarded a Michelin Star within 4 months of opening in 2015 and has kept its star every year since.

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