July 2019

How To Improve Your Company’s Online Profitability

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The goal of any company is to make profit based off their products and services. Without money, a business will cease to exist, so what is the solution?

You rely on your customers, but how will consumers know about your brand in the first place? What can you do to build trust? Your competitors are more established on the marketplace, and you need to find a way to surpass them.

Learning to improve your online profitability requires strategic foresight and planning, and the following tips will help lead you on this path.

Target your audience

It is thanks to your audience that you are able to make profit, and you must determine who your niche is. Who would purchase your products and use your services? What is the typical age or gender? Where does this person live?

Ensure you have e-commerce

Including an e-commerce component on your website will allow you to sell your products much easier. You are saving on the cost of renting an office space, and consumers will appreciate the convenience of being able to order something from the comfort of their homes. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Do research on your competitors

Your competitors are already successful, which is why you can learn from them. Take a look at what their successes and failures have been, and think about how you can improve.

Spend some time doing competitive research, such as checking whether or not another company has created a product that is similar to yours. In order to make your search for this easier, take advantage of the reverse image search technology. All you have to do is upload an image on this search engine database, and the results will show you the different sources for where that product is available.

Produce quality products and services

No one wants to purchase products or services that are not made with quality in mind. You should prioritize product testing, and use the best materials and resources when curating your brand.

Stay connected with your customers

Customers want to feel valued, and when you strengthen your relation with them, you also increasing your chances of making profit.

Make sure that you remain transparent as an enterprise, and come up with new ways that you can connect with your audience. For instance, ask for their feedback and incorporate it in your services moving forward.

Raise the bar for expectations

Do not set the bar low for your company’s expectations. Although your goals should be realistic, make sure that the employees working for your business are knowledgeable in their field, and put time and effort into their daily tasks.

Remember that nothing will explode overnight. As much as you want to make profit and become a successful business, it will require time, patience, and some trial and error. If a strategy you implemented has not been working in your favor, it’s important that you re-evaluate your plan moving forward. Do not waste your time and resources on something that is not working.

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How To Set Better Financial Boundaries

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Establishing boundaries is important in living a happier and healthier life. For starters, boundaries can help you protect yourself from emotionally draining people or help you build stronger relationships. Limitations are also vital in creating professional relationships founded by efficiency and awareness.

However, there is one area in our lives that some are not so keen to establish. I am referring to the financial boundaries. It is easy to overstep our own financial boundaries and keep making mistakes that will hurt our goals in the long run.


Restrictions go hand-in-hand with creating boundaries. These are most evident in creating a budget. Use this budget to work around your spending, but you have to be gentle with yourself.

Avoid having too many restrictions as you may torment yourself in the process. Holding on to an impossible budgeting standard can lead you to falling off the wagon.


Everyone makes mistakes. When it comes to finances, I learned this the hard way! Do not get me started with setting up financial limits while traveling! What is important is that I learn from these experiences.

You need an honest and nonjudgmental reflection whenever you cross a financial boundary. Otherwise, hiding your mistakes increases the likelihood of it happening again.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” This is exactly what time spent reflecting on your life is. You need to sharpen the ax in the decision-making process of your financial journey.


Let us face it! Setting up financial boundaries can be tough. This is why some people seek the help of their partners, their trusted friends, or their financial planners. Having a financial planner can help you to make sound decisions with a goal in mind.

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Furthermore, there are several financial planners in Singapore. Make your life easier by searching thru the financial planner directory of Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS). It is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting unbiased financial advice to the Singaporean public.

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Doraemon fans, get the new Doraemon EZ-Charm Wearables at Popular Bookstores from 31 July 2019

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The future is here – our favourite time-traveling cutie is back!

Get your hands on these Doraemon EZ-Charm Wearables; individually available at designated Popular Bookstores* at $19.90 each (no load value)! Each customer is limited to 3 pieces per transaction (combined design quantity).

*Bedok Mall, Bras Basah Complex, Causeway Point, Compass One, Jurong Point, Marine Parade Central, NEX, Northpoint City (North Wing), Oasis Terraces Punggol, Tampines Mall, Toa Payoh HDB Hub, Westgate, UrbanWrite Junction 8, UrbanWrite Northpoint City (South Wing) and UrbanWrite United Square.

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UNIQLO launches new One Piece Stampede UT collection

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To celebrate the release of ONE PIECE, STAMPEDE, the latest theatrical film, UT is bringing a new collection, which marks their second collaboration with the “One Piece” team in 2019.

Featured designs include the T-shirt with the Pirates Fest logo worn by Tonytony Chopper in the film and other portraying characters that leave strong impressions in the film!

Available online and in all stores from 29 July.

Check out the designs below:



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