E-scooter distributor MOBOT is having a Good Friday Warehouse Sale this weekend

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E-scooter distributor MOBOT is having a Good Friday Warehouse Sale this weekend

Longtime distributor and retailer of Portable Mobility Devices (PMD) such as e-scooters and bicycles MOBOT will be holding a warehouse sale this Good Friday long weekend.Happening at their headquarter office at Oxley Bizhub 2 (near to Tai Seng MRT), look out for bargains storewide with discounts as much as 40{43c154d03bc8d6f3a2e02120576efea76bd463bd1d9aa7d45f68c7a169d43d05}, trade-in offers, and free upgrades for selected models.

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Budget-Friendly Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

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A decent amount of body hair is to be expected on men and women alike. However, the situation changes when the hair gets darker and thicker in certain places. You do not want to look like you are wearing a furry rug on your back or a bushy jungle on your pits, right?

Draw the line by getting rid of unwanted hair. I have listed affordable ways to get rid of unwanted hair based on my personal experience. The last one being the most painful option among the three.


Are you looking for a time-efficient technique that will help you remove unwanted hair with minimal pain? The search is over! A depilatory cream can satisfy your needs.

Its name may sound complex but, the mechanism behind it is not! Depilatory creams (e.g., Veet and Nair) are designed to remove the hair by breaking it down. It is applied to an area for at least 5 to 10 minutes before it is washed away with warm cloth. Always read the instructions as leaving it for too long may result to skin damage. Consider doing a skin test first.

Let us go back to the advantages of using this product. Firstly, it is a quick procedure that you can administer at home. Secondly, most depilatory creams are inexpensive. Take Veet as an example. Veet for Sensitive Skin, enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, retails for S$13.45 at Watsons.


More often than not, plucking is a route that most of us venture on. Grabbing tweezers to remove fine facial hair is an easy task! After all, tweezers are readily available at the households or at the stores. You may drop by the nearest FairPrice to buy slanted or square-tipped tweezers for only S$2.32 (ongoing promotion at the website).

Plucking is best used for small, localized areas such as chins and brows. Let us face it! Plucking is labor intensive. You do not want to waste your day off with the mere task of plucking your underarm hair.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Dr. Lavanya Krishnan, a dermatologist based in the United States, stresses that you need to sanitize your tweezers diligently. She recommends cleansing your tweezers once a day with warm soap and water. Then, you must store it in a dry place.


Waxing is a timeless technique used to effectively remove one’s hair. It works by applying either hot or cold wax on an area. Afterwards, an esthetician will use a cloth or paper strip to remove the hair out by the follicle. You read that right! This is why some people will experience bleeding at first.

Are you ready for the waxing pros? I sure am! For starters, you will be hairless for about 2 to 8 weeks. Things mainly depend on your hair’s texture and growth cycle. Waxing is relatively inexpensive too. You can always do it yourself (e.g., body wax strips retail for as low as S$5.53 at Watsons)! Lastly, people typically experience less pain each time they wax.

Now, let us dive into the “cons”. Waxing is painful! I cannot deny the pain that I have experienced before. I sweated profusely and screamed during my first session. In the process of maintaining my waxing sessions, I needed to adopt an exfoliating routine to ward off ingrown hair. Moreover, people with sensitive skin may experience irritation from the products applied.

Image Credits: pixabay.com

Simply put, waxing is an age-old method ideal for larger body areas such as legs and arms. It gets rid of the unwanted hair down to its follicle! If your pain threshold permits, it works best for people with coarse hair.

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Morganfield’s new Baby Back Stack – Mountain of 5 Half Slabs in all 5 flavours

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Morganfield’s new Baby Back Stack – Mountain of 5 Half Slabs in all 5 flavours

Faster go jio the meat (or rib) lovers in your life because this insane meat stack is a must-have at Morganfield’s.

The Home of the Sticky Bones just launched a new dish – Baby Back Stack.

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Singapore’s largest Mattress & Bedding Fair is happening at Big Box Level 2 from 30 Mar – 8 Apr 2018

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Sleep Better & Save up to 75{43c154d03bc8d6f3a2e02120576efea76bd463bd1d9aa7d45f68c7a169d43d05}* at Singapore’s largest Mattress Fair! More than 20 participating mattress brand; Castilla, BIA, Dunlopillo, Four Star, Slumberland, Simons & much more will be showcasing their top quality mattresses from 30 March until 8 April 2018 at Big Box’s Sleep Academy Level 2. 


More Mattress Choices

On average we spend about 1/3 of our time sleeping, about 6 – 7 hours per day. But with the modern lifestyle, we sometimes “cut short” our amount of sleep. If this continues in the long run, lack of sleep will affect our health such as mental abilities will decrease & weaken immune system as your body needs to regenerate.

At our Sleep Academy, you can find all types of mattress here such as orthopaedic mattress, individual pocketed spring, plush with knitted fabric for extra comfort, latex, innerspring, memory foam to help you get back your Sleep!

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More Than 20 Mattress Brands

Yes! We have all the Top Notch Mattress brands in the house; Sleepy Night, Fourt Stars, Castilla, BIA, Dunlopillo, Four Star, Slumberland, Simons & much more. Come & feel the mattress softness at our Sleep Academy Level 2!

Save More!

Save up to 75{43c154d03bc8d6f3a2e02120576efea76bd463bd1d9aa7d45f68c7a169d43d05}* when you purchase during our Singapore Mattress Fair! Approach our Sales Team at Sleep Academy Level 2 for more info. (*Terms & Conditions Apply).

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Best Korean Wallpaper

Spice up your rooms with these beautiful decorative items; cushions, stools, Korean Wallpaper, curtains and more! Save up to 80{43c154d03bc8d6f3a2e02120576efea76bd463bd1d9aa7d45f68c7a169d43d05}*(promo on 31st March & 1st April 2018) on Korean Wallpaper. Only at Big Box Home Deco Level 3

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