Best Denki is having a Clearance Sale at Tagore Lane till Mar 31. Find home & kitchen appliances and even iPads at huge discounts

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Best Denki is having a Clearance Sale at Tagore Lane till Mar 31. Find home & kitchen appliances and even iPads at huge discounts

Electrical megastore Best Denki Singapore wants to clear out their inventory at their warehouse along Tagore Lane.

Lots of home and kitchen appliances including washer, fridge, vacuum cleaners, notebooks and even Apple products such as iPad Pro and Mini are up for grabs at discounts as much as 80%.

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UNIQLO x Gundam 40th Anniversary T-shirts now available in stores at $19.90 a piece

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UNIQLO x Gundam 40th Anniversary T-shirts now available in stores at $19.90 a piece

In case you didn’t know, Gundam robot mecha anime has been around for 40 years since its introduction back in 1979.

It is also an era where Gundam robots don’t fly, such as the iconic first model in the franchise RX-78-2.

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Don’t Say Bojio: 25% Off in Jurong Point Shops For a Journey to the West

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Live in the west and go to Jurong Point often, because it’s the mall that grew up with you?

Or you simply love the mall for its gigantic size and the simple fact that it has two supermarkets and two foodcourts?

Or maybe you’re like my colleague who went there, took a picture and told everyone that she was in Hong Kong when she was just outside NTUC FairPrice Xtra.

If you’re a fan of the pink mall, then you shouldn’t miss this, because we’re talking about 25% off everything—without any minimum spending.

But of course, this isn’t as clear-cut as it is lah. Read on and you’ll understand.

25% Off in Jurong Point

Okay, we’ve got to admit that we took certain literary license in our headline, considering that it’s not a direct 25% off, but more of a $100 voucher that cost $75 to buy.

Called the JP Wowcher Campaign, it’s, according to the folks from Jurong Point, a WOW treat.

Image: Jurong Point

Here’s how it works:

  • From now until 28 April 2019, spend $50 in a single day (it has to be $100 if you’re buying from NTUC FairPrice) and you can buy a $100 Wowchers (vouchers lah, they just trying to be punny) for $75
  • The $100 Wowchers comprise $50 worth of vouchers for Fashion and $50 worth of vouchers for Food & Beverage and Lifestyle
  • If Ms Lim, my secondary school maths teacher, has taught me well, that is a 25% off, which explains the headline



The $100 Wowchers are cash vouchers, which means you can use it in any shop, though you might be rejected if you use the Fashion Vouchers in McDonald’s lah—Fashion is for Fashion, and F&B + Lifestyle is for…F&B + Lifestyle.

Pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

But of course, after luring you so far into this promotion…we’ve to include the dreaded terms and conditions.

Though they’re not that dreaded.

Here you go (I’ve taken the effort to bold the most killjoy one):

  • Limited to 1 WOWcher pack per shopper per day.
  • Limited to the first 150 shoppers daily.
  • Payment by NETS only.
  • All WOWchers are cash vouchers, valid for use till 31 May 2019.
  • 2 times spending is required at NTUC Fairprice, Fairprice Xtra and/or its subtenants.
  • Redemptions are on a first-come-first-served basis and while stocks last.

And two more very important things:

  1. You have to register as M Privileges members and download the ‘M Malls’ mobile application. In the meantime, as you’ve downloaded their app, you might want to consider downloading the Goody Feed app as well. If not, how would you get to know more of such awesome promotions?
  2. The Wowchers are valid for use until 31 May 2019, so don’t gong gong keep them for Christmas

Now, people are all excited about the east because Changi Airport Jewel is opening.

How about a journey to the west? There might not be an A&W but hey: 25% off leh.

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How To Fuel Up Your Money After Vacation

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With a burnout heart, my friends and I decided to go on a week-long vacation to Bangkok. We have been working so hard for the past months that our bodies craved for a break. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a reward from time to time. We all need and deserve it.

However, you may hit a financial iceberg when you go overboard. This happens to many Singaporeans who are on a vacation. They think that they can throw caution out of the window and spend like there is no tomorrow!

During our trip, we maximized each day by going to several tourist attractions from day to night. We spent more money than our perceived expenses. After our week-long sabbatical, I decided to fuel up my funds.


As with everything, the first step is awareness. Find how much your vacation has cost you. Accept the fact that you cannot undo the expenses you have drained while you were on a vacation. You cannot bring back the time you bought a new sarong to comply with the temple’s dress code! While you cannot take back the S$200 you spent in a posh bar, you must still know how much you spent during your trip.

Ask yourself the following questions:

a. How much did I spend on a daily basis?
b. How much is my credit card bill?
c. Can I afford to pay in full?
d. When will my next paycheck arrive?
e. Will I need to take some money from my emergency fund?

You may not realize how overwhelming your financial state is while you were on a vacation. So, now is the time to see the total damage. Knowing where you stand financially can help you to recover with ease.


After identifying the financial holes, it is time to take action. Rewrite your budget in accordance to your current financial situation. Allot a portion of your funds to repayment of your credit card bills or lost savings. Make things easier by downloading budgeting apps such as Mint.

During the recovery period, you must do your best to tone down your spending. Eliminate or cut down optional expenses for the next few months. Dine out less and take fewer trips to the shopping malls. Minimize your spending by steering away from temptations! Do not worry about bending down as your financial diet will not last forever.

You may also earn money by taking up a part-time job. Get extra money without sacrificing your main source of income.


You have learned your lesson by facing its consequences. The next time you go on a vacation, you will know better. Use what you have learned to strategize your itinerary. Perhaps you can dwell on experiences rather than buying too many souvenirs for your family. In Bangkok alone, souvenirs start at S$5. Besides, these souvenirs may end up as clutter in someone else’s home. Do not get me started with the overpriced food in tourist spots!

Before going on a vacation, you can start writing down a budget that will include your expenses and a cushion (i.e., emergency funds). I remember when we were shocked by the S$215 boat ride in the Floating Market. I had to withdrew more money on that day. Providing a travel cushion can prevent this. Stick to the budget as much as you can!

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There are many ways to fuel up your overused wallet such as creating a new budget or eliminating optional expenses. Follow these tips to recover financially from your vacation splurge! Ensure that going overboard does not happen again.

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Nissin Cup Noodles new ‘Korean Army Stew’ flavour now available in major supermarkets here

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Nissin Cup Noodles new ‘Korean Army Stew’ flavour now available in major supermarkets here

Love Korean food? You might just fancy Nissin Singapore’s latest Cup Noodles flavour – Korean Army Stew.

Army stew or otherwise known as budae-jjigae or sausage stew is a popular hotpot dish in Korea made with ham, sausage, spam, baked beans, kimchi and gochujang (red chilli paste).

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