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Be WOW-ed By Giant’s CNY Deals Including 2 for $34 Hokkaido Scallops (U.P. $79.80)


Previously, in view of the economic downturn experienced by everyday Singaporeans, Giant Singapore pledged to price reductions on daily essentials for a long, long time.

2021 might look to be a better year, but people in Singapore are still feeling the economic effects of Covid-19.

And that’s where Giant Singapore comes in.

Giant S’pore CNY 2021 Deals

While Christmas can be an expensive affair, the Chinese New Year can be even more so.

You have to get new clothes, new shoes, spring clean your home, get ingredients for CNY feasts. prepare CNY goodies and, if you’re married, prepare ang pows for kids too.

Image: Giant Singapore

Well, for 2021, Giant Singapore is determined to lower your financial burden for CNY by giving you irresistible deals.


From 7 to 13 Jan 2020, Giant Singapore will be running a WOW DEAL on one of the most-sought-items during Chinese New Year (and every other part of the year): Scallops.

After all, having scallops on the lunar new year symbolises new opportunities or the opening of new horizons.

During this period, you can buy two packs of SUNSHINE Hokkaido Scallop 800g at the price of S$34 (U.P. S$79.80)

Image: Giant Singapore

This particular deal is only valid for seven days so make sure to get it fast before it goes out of stock, eh?

On a separate note, keep a lookout for the next WOW DEAL they have coming out from 14-20 Jan 2021!

Other than the scallops, Giant Singapore will also be running promotions on a wide variety of snacks, including Kit-Kat, Cadbury, Toblerone, Want Want Rice Crackers, Tong Garden nuts and CNY delicacies!

Image: Giant Singapore

Basically, anything and everything you want for CNY lah.

But, what about spring-cleaning, you ask? Don’t worry because they’ve got that covered as well.

Lower Prices That Last

Have you heard of Lower Prices That Last? Giant Singapore dropped items of hundreds of grocery essentials to help Singaporeans tide over the economic uncertainty brought about by COVID-19.

It’s been three months, and the lower prices are still here to stay! Grab them now for your CNY Spring Cleaning needs!

For families looking to cook up a feast for reunion dinners and for CNY, you can get your ingredients at lower prices too!

We’re talking fresh ingredients as well as cooking essentials:

You can check out their entire list of items here!

Time to Be WOW-ed This CNY at Giant!

No matter whether it’s a Chinese New Year festive snacks, food ingredients for CNY feasts or seafood for cheap, Giant’s the place to go to this Chinese New Year

For more info, you can check out their website where they update about what’s going on daily.

Alternatively, you can follow them on their Facebook and Instagram accounts to catch the latest updates and promotions in Giant Singapore!

With that said, I’m off to do my own CNY shopping now. See you there~

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with Giant Singapore.

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34-year-old man jailed and fined S$1,000 for cheating unlicensed moneylender


What a bizarre event. The news reported that a 34-year-old man who deceived a loan shark by claiming to intimidate debtors but did not fulfil the activities was jailed for 11 days and fined S$1000 on Wednesday (Jan 6).

Muhammad Khairul Ismail pled guilty to one charge of fraud and another of gambling via a smartphone app, with two other offences taken into account for cheating the unlicensed moneylender.

A job offer by the loan shark

The jury heard that in November 2019, Khairul came across a work offer from a loan shark named Lucas. In return for cash, the agreement was for Khairul to lock the gates of Lucas’s debtors.

Khairul approached him intending to make quick cash, despite recognising that Lucas was a money lender. They decided that Khairul would lock Lucas’s debtors’ gates, paste notes on their doors, and send Lucas videos of these activities as evidence.

In return for each job done, Lucas offered to pay amounts of money varying from S$100 to S$120.

Instructions sent to Khairul via WhatsApp
whatsapp icon

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Lucas issued instructions via WhatsApp to Khairul in December 2019. He asked Khairul to lock up a borrower’s unit with a chain and paste a sign on the door.  As ordered, Khairul headed to the address but had already intended to deceive Lucas by tricking him into thinking that he had completed the harassment.

Khairul secured the gate with two bicycle locks and placed a message on one of the locks to prevent damaging the gate. He then took a video and sent it to Lucas, misguiding him into thinking that the act had taken place.

S$120 was transferred to him by Lucas, but Khairul removed the locks and notice from the gate before fleeing. Khairul replicated this action on two other instances towards Lucas.

Offences came to light after authorities alerted

When Lucas forwarded the footage of the harassment to the debtors, the activities came to light and the police were notified.

Khairul also pleaded guilty to another charge of making bets on a smartphone gaming platform amounting to around S$1,120. For the fraud, the prosecution called for at least two weeks in prison and a penalty of S$1,000 for the gambling offence.

Not an average innocent member of the public
loan shark harassment

Image Credits: The Straits Times

Deputy Public Prosecutor Krystle Chiang admitted that an unauthorised moneylender and not a regular helpless member of the public was the subject of cheating. However, “this does not absolve the accused of wrongdoing and should not distract from the fact that the accused had sustained wrongful gain by his deception”, she said.

To claim that crimes conducted against those individuals should not be prosecuted will be a dangerous path to take. She added that over the three cheating incidents, Khairul had earned S$340. He was also the one who facilitated conversations with Lucas.

A unique case in its entirety

The court said this trial was a little unusual because Lucas wasn’t ever supposed to have given Khairul the money to carry out loan shark intimidations.

Khairul responded in remorse that he had learnt from his wrongdoing and felt repentant for his actions. He also promised the court that his actions would not be repeated.

For cheating, Khairul could have been fined and imprisoned for up to 10 years in this case.

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